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Mississippi Kite information and pictures

Photos and article by Kathryn Mann

I have been enjoying the outdoors of Oklahoma for many years and have found that many birds return to the same area every year. There is a Mississippi Kite that loves to perch on the same branch of the same tree every Spring and Summer. As we have become more familiar with one another he actually lets me come within 20 feet without feeling threatened or disturbed. This is a good thing because these birds are very protective and will often swoop down and attack people they feel are potential threats. They are a very quiet bird and rarely make a sound except when frightened.

Mississippi Kite perching
Mississippi Kite perching on his favorite spot in northeast Oklahoma 

Even though Mississippi Kites often live in colonies, I have only once seen another Kite within even a quarter mile of this one's roost. In the wild Misssippi Kites often live 10 years.

Mississippi Kite grea tpicture
Mississippi Kite staring at me as I come very close to his lookout

The Mississippi Kite is a raptor like a hawk or falcon. Their wingspan is three feet long and they are typically a foot and half long at maturity. They have dark red eyes with a light grey head that appears to be white in bright sun. The rest of their body is battleship grey and their wing feathers are black.

Mississippi Kite hunting
This Mississippi Kite has just spotted a meal and is about to take to the air

Despite their size Mississippi Kites rarely weigh more than 12 ounces which makes their bodies especially buoyant as they glide through the air capturing insects. It is not unusual for them to stay aloft looking for prey for several hours at a time. Besides insects they sometimes eat rodents, lizards, frogs, snakes, and even fish that reside in shallow water. Farmers like these birds because they especially love eating grasshoppers and cicadas, both of which they capture in the air.

Mississippi Kites have one of the longest migrations of any bird. They spend the Fall and Winter in South America as far down as Argentina and then return in late April or May to the central part of the United States, usually no further north than where I live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. That is a distance of about 5,500 miles in each direction.



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Melissa      3:10 PM Wed 8/24/2016

Live in established neighborhood in Midwest City, OK with quite a few tall trees. There are quite a few Mississippi Kites in vicinity. At least 7 come and go and perch nearby in a neighbor's tree. They become more active when we're outdoors but they've never been aggressive, no swooping, nothing threatening. The youngsters call out for mom and dad when people are around and the adult birds fly in to make sure the youngster is okay. The young ones make a very cute "he heeee" sound but other than that they are all pretty silent. Have enjoyed seeing them soar the nearby skies for 2 summers now

John      9:52 PM Fri 7/22/2016

Have a beautiful pair flying over our neighborhood here in na oklahoma city. Beautiful bird.

Toby Hoffman      2:04 AM Sat 7/16/2016

Three pair return every Summer for nine years now here in Columbia, SC, nesting in tall pine and oak trees in urban neighborhood a mile from Broad and Congaree Rivers. I keep kiddy pools for my dogs and rain barrels for drought periods - so an abundance of dragonflies. They are an amazing beautiful bird, and all congregate down by the river before migrating South.

Virginia      3:43 AM Sat 6/25/2016

So happy to report Mississippi kites have been seen around North 48 highway and 36960 Road near Terlton Oklahoma.


Karin      5:56 PM Tue 8/25/2015

Here in Midwest City, OK I've had a pair of Kites for 4-5 yrs that rest in my two Silver Maple trees. This year they were able to have a nest and the fledgling is practicing flight today for the first time. I've never been swooped on, but I am very careful to not get to close to the family when I'm outside. Hope to see them next year, and many more!

Glen      7:31 PM Tue 8/18/2015

We enjoy setting out in the backyard watching the Kites soaring in the winds. Tonight we saw at least 5 around mid-town Tulsa. A higher wind speed tonight kept them in sight for extended lengths of time.
A very beautiful bird.

Dina      6:31 PM Mon 7/20/2015

A little over three years ago our family moved to Weatherford, TX. I am not very familiar with the birds in this area. In early May I noticed three "bluefish-gray hawks" on the tree in our front yard. They were "figuring out their relationships" & out of nowhere the two of them fell to the ground and started to "get intimate"! Not many people get to witness such an experience!!! After that I wanted to know what kind of a bird were they.
About that time I started to hear from the neighbors about the birds by the name of "kite" that built their nest in our neighborhood & they were very aggressive towards anyone just walking their dog passing the nest area.
The kites are absolutely beautiful birds, no argument in it, but they are SO AGGRESSIVE that it's scary to walk in your own neighborhood...
What can be done? What's a good answer? I guess, WE are on THEIR territory!!!

Theresa Renninger      4:05 PM Sun 7/19/2015

Two weeks ago we noticed two Mississippi Kites. Today there are six. They were attacking a Barn Swallow nest. I tried to scare them off, but it was of no use. Then they turned their attention towards me. Swooping down at me. They are fairly large and aggressive. Cyril, Oklahoma. SW Oklahoma

Stephen      4:09 PM Fri 7/17/2015

I just had the pleasure of sighting one in my cottonwood tree here in Newalla Okla.

ingrid      10:07 AM Sat 5/30/2015

is it possible that a mockingbird could imitate the voice of a mississippi kite?

Cynthia Young      4:37 PM Mon 5/18/2015

I have a colony of five that comes to a tall dead tree before every storm. Beautiful. I live in Bells, Texas near the Oklahoma border.

rob      9:59 PM Sun 5/10/2015

There is a colony of these beautiful birds in a stand of tall trees near my house in Henrietta, Texas. I've been watching them a few years and this year the I numbers are the highest I've seen. (Approx. 10-12 I think). I have seen them Chase and take dove. Magnificent animals.

Tom      5:48 PM Fri 5/8/2015

I swear I saw one of these trice last year up here in Johnson County Kansas,,it was near a city lake and a really busy city street,,at first I thought it was just a white pigeon sitting on a telephone line,,but after seeing it twice and getting a really good look at its curved beak and smooth head I new it was some kind of Hawk,,,is this possible to be up here in Kansas?

Al      1:56 PM Thu 4/30/2015

Is this kind of bird in the indanger spices?

darell      11:13 AM Thu 4/2/2015

I live in Wichita Ks. Two kites nest and have babies every year. Do I have to watch out for my 4 lb chiuaiua?

Becky      7:35 PM Sun 8/24/2014

We have recently notice miss kite in a large tree right beside our house. We have 4 very small chichihuas (small dogs) weight between 3 to 5 lbs . I have been very nervous sence we discovered them. Should I be alarmed for the dogs

charlene      11:59 AM Fri 8/22/2014

I live in a small town in tenn.] Dyersburg] we love watching all kind of birds then we had this one come by .

rp      10:59 PM Sun 8/17/2014

We see them in Vernon, Texas. there are 8 in this group. presently. They are building 2 nests on either side of our house. We enjoy watching them with binoculars from our sunroom, backyard, and front porch. This group are not aggressive. 2 years ago, we would see them at our local park and there were 6 birds in that group. We would see them swoop down and catch crickets. We see them fly approx. 400 ft. in the air at times. They are beautiful birds and graceful in flight.

Dru      8:03 AM Sat 8/16/2014

For about ten years now, we have seen kites flying over our pasture in Nash, Texas. I have always thought that they were neat birds, until this year. There are so many now! I have spent the summer raising a baby Blue Jay and whenever I take it out to fly, the kites appear. I used to see other birds go after the kites in an attempt to run them off but now I guess there are too many kites and the other birds are afraid. I wish there was some way I could chase them away. Anyone have any ideas?

Mitzi b      11:03 AM Wed 8/13/2014

Stupid kites just ate my goldfish. I live in Wichita. Just built a backyard pond for a couple goldfish I had. They lasted 4 days before the kites got them. I'm so sad.

Chris arredondo      6:03 PM Sun 8/10/2014

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know that I live in
Augusta ks which is about ten miles east of
Wichita ks and we have at least 5 or 6 in this area
That we see daily

redbeard jr.      8:00 PM Sat 8/2/2014

I've lived south of Tulsa Ok. for 9 years and enjoyed the country

style of living, but being near a city. I have 400 acres behind my

house and really enjoy it. There are deer, lots of birds, raccoon,

etc. We have had a dog for years and never had any problems

with any outside animals.. Recently we bought a new 5 month old

and have been training him like always. Out of nowhere comes

3 kites attacking my family and 2 of my neighbors while enjoying

the kids playing outside. Is it time for a 12 gauge shotgun? What to


Don Ratzloff      9:19 PM Sun 7/27/2014

Sorry, I didn't mention that we live in Buhler, KS, near Hutchinson, KS

Don Ratzloff      9:17 PM Sun 7/27/2014

My wife & I started noticing several birds appearing to be Mississippi Kites when we go out to swim in our back yard. They are clear in the top of the neighbor's maple tree. They soar effortlessly and come back to the tree to their "family" waiting for a meal. I love watching them. They have been coming back for several summers. This spring a windstorm broke a major branch out of the tree right next to their nest but it hasn't seemed to bother them.

carl      7:13 AM Mon 6/16/2014

I live in tulsa for the past 3 years I've been seeing this predator bird. I use to have purple martins. We had a nice colony of martins along the Arkansas river. Well not anymore. The kites have wiped them out. The kites need to go. A bal - chat ri trap is in order. This is not good kites are not a good bird. It mite come to a gun. But they need to go. There nest is not as big as a eagle.
I would say 24 inch circumfrance. Go back and don't come back cause I am gunning for kites not good birds..

Carolyn      8:10 PM Wed 5/28/2014

We live by Cheney Lake in Kansas and I have a beautiful kite that has been coming for the last three years and sets on a highline pole in our yard. She is very gentle and watches me as I work in the yard below. I had never seen a kite until 3 years ago when the first one came and it seems she just comes home each spring and early summer. I have no idea where her nest might be. Does anyone know how large the nest are? We have seen her mating with 2 different males.


Jan Soler      9:27 AM Tue 5/6/2014

I spotted the Mississippi Kite in my Metairie area. There seems to be a trio. I am a nature lover but have not seen them in this area before. They have a call that is distinctly different from other birds in this area, which caused me to pull out the binoculars and study them for several days hoping to identify them. Glad to read that they eat insects as I have several small dogs. They are graceful and beautiful, despite their gray and white coloring. I love seeing them every morning.

Boomer      11:55 AM Sat 3/29/2014

Im an amateur bird enthu. I really enjoy it. In 2012 i bought my final home. The back yard is well suited for birdss. I feed alot of bird feed in large type feeders and alot of water for bathing etc. i live in Sayre, Ok. The results have been really good. I have alot of Doves, Jays,Finches, a few Cardinals, even an occasional Quail, Several Robins, Moking Birds, Yellow Brest etc... Last summer i was looking out my large patio window and there was what i thought was a Hawk on my fence. I had morning glories on that fence which came to a large oval bush type feature at the top of the fence. The sparrows loved to hang out in there in the heat of the day. The "Hawk" hopped off the fence and vanished into the morning glories. Sparrows shot out of there in all directions. The "The Hawk emerged with a sparrow in its beak and jetted over the fence and vanished". Later i realized it was no Hawk at all. Its a Miss Kite. They visited my back yard often last year, and yesterday, Mar 28 2014 there back. I live in town, they dont nest here, but i found probably 100 of them down on the nearby river. I can tell when there in my area cuz every bird within a block of my house go silent. Even the noisy baby birds in the nest. Totally erie silence in sudden fashion. All small birds vanish, and the doves go crazy like they have been scared off the roost. I dont like the thought of them killing local birds, but theres plenty of sparrows around town to keep them satisfied. It is natures way, and the Kite must feed there babies as well. So fair enuff for me. I remember when i first saw that thing on my fence, i said to myself, i didnt know the Hawks in Oklahoma were that color. Thanks for riding along. Need to get the Hum Bird feeders out.

Patty      9:40 PM Thu 2/27/2014

I did forget to mention, we live in Altus, in southwest Oklahoma.

Patty      8:51 PM Thu 2/27/2014

Last fall we found a juvenile Mississippi Kite in the back yard. We started feeding him and kept him until he could fly again, a couple of weeks, and then we let him go. Then he would come back every few days wanting food. I kept feeding him mice and bugs from the pet store until it was time for him to migrate south. I really hope he comes back this spring, but he probably won't like my new puppies!

Kansas Native      10:33 AM Tue 2/11/2014

For the past two years, a colony of Mississippi kites have taken up residence in Colby, Kansas. which is over 250 miles North of Bartlesville. Very interesting birds! I noticed them while picking cherries in June two years ago and they returned last summer.

audrey      2:57 PM Fri 9/13/2013

My husband spotted Mississippi kites this spring around our house. We live in Redwater, Texas. Watched them all summer.

Gibby      7:50 PM Sun 9/1/2013

I spotted 10 of them landing on the pecan tree in our front yard in Burleson, TX. It was quite the awe inspiring sight. I got chills just watching them land one by one. Amazing!!

T      1:39 AM Mon 8/26/2013

spotted a mississippi kite in new caney texas.it was a great sight to behold.

MsPatty      8:39 AM Sun 8/18/2013

I live in Noble, OK and I have a nest in my yard. I live in the country and have become quite a bird watcher in my retirement and I have really enjoyed watching these birds and have some great pics of the baby as he is growing. Yesterday he left the nest and sat in various parts of the tree but this morning he was back on the nest sitting. These birds are beautiful and fly so gracefully. If I get to close to the tree they swoop at me but have never touched me as of yet. It's been amazing watching the nest, I will really miss them this winter and hope they come back next Spring.

Joanna      3:04 AM Sun 8/18/2013

Here is a link to the video my husband filmed of the Kite perched in the tree top.



Joanna      2:59 AM Sun 8/18/2013

My husband filmed one perched at the very top of a tree in our yard. We live in Edmond OK off of Bryant between 33rd and Memorial. It was a very beautiful bird. But our cat came in with gashes and a puncture wound on his face and I am wondering if maybe he was attacked by this bird.


Adam Wright      12:16 AM Fri 8/9/2013

I live in Burns Flat, ok. I found 3 miss. Kites in my yard after a big storm.

The can't fly. And one looks pretty roughed up. I called game warden he is getting back with me. And recommendations would be appreciated email them to me. Adamw1988@me.com. They are very pretty. If you want a picture I can text you one. My number is 580/:339:/3008

connie creekmore      5:40 PM Sun 7/28/2013

we have several of these wonderful creatures nesting in our neighborhood in near down town Wichita, ks, we are about 1.5 miles
from the Arkansas river. this is the second year that I know, they have been here.

Dawood      3:05 PM Fri 7/26/2013

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Bobbie Brooker      12:51 PM Wed 7/24/2013

live in brunswick, ga. coming home from work saw a bird in drive with wings
spread, husband walked right up to it. poor thing had an injured foot & possibly leg. called local dnr-officer came out to retreive it and said he would call next day to let us know what kind of bird-it is a miss. kite which
surprised me. hope they find a nice rehab center for the little thing as it was
one of the most beautiful birds i've ever saw. bless it and those that care for it

Naron      11:28 AM Wed 7/24/2013

Hi, I'm a seventeen year old girl from Australia and I just had to tell you that I was moved to tears by this post. I have a ltltie sister of my own and this recording of your daughters reminds me of us. Thank you

Sharyl Randall      7:16 PM Sun 7/21/2013

I live n Lawton Ok I just found a mississippi kite n a tree across the street. I didnt kniw what it was I have never seen this kind of bird. I thought it looks lije a hawk but her face is like an owls. She sits on her nest I think there are 2 babies in the nest. My brother took pictures and we looked it up to see what see was. I didnt get to close didnt want to upset her. I havent seen a male mayb he cones when im not out. I thought maybe its rare fir her to be here but maybe not. Wish I could see her babies.

gloria brown      1:39 PM Thu 7/18/2013

I have seen a pair flying around my yard for weeks now, but now see only one. I believe they are a nesting pair as a large nest is about 40 feet up in a Mt Cedar tree in my yard. Could she be on the eggs? I have seen these birds year after year late spring/early summer, but they have never stayed (to my knowledge) I do worry about two small dogs & Koi pond but so far they have not gone into the water, & all my fish are accounted for. They have never swooped down on me, although I holler out at them when my little dogs are out. I think they are beautiful, thanks for the info. I live in SW Dallas just north of Duncanville in a heavily wooded area.

Peter      9:20 PM Wed 6/19/2013

I live in Guthrie, near Guthrie Lake and was swooped by 2-3 Mississippi Kites from late June thru mid September 2012 while riding a bicycle around the Lake. I didn't taunt them but they certainly seemed to be extremely aggressive. They would swoop and pull my cap off. It was pretty scary although they never clawed my head. Also had one perch on a dead tree in my yard. While cutting several lower branches with a pole saw, a Kite would swoop down near my head. I guess it didn't like me cutting its perch.

John Mullane      9:09 PM Wed 6/19/2013

Saw two pair cavorting in the top of a large live oak in our residential neighborhood of Metairie Louisiana around midday today. Lots of chatter and jousting interrupted by bursts of flight. They circled about and returned to the tree where they repeated the chatter, the spread of wings, jostling, and it looked like they may have been crossing beaks. After an hour they sped off.

John Mullane      9:08 PM Wed 6/19/2013

Saw two pair cavorting in the top of a large live oak in our residential neighborhood of Metairie Louisiana around midday today. Lots of chatter and jousting interrupted by bursts of flight. They circled about and returned to the tree where they repeated the chatter, the spread of wings, jostling, and it looked like they may have been crossing beaks. After an hour they sped off.

jessica      7:59 AM Sun 6/16/2013

Probably should have mentioned I'm in Lawton,Oklahoma :)

jessica      7:57 AM Sun 6/16/2013

I have a lovely pair that are making a nest in my neighbors tree and they have no problem being near me. They are truely beautiful and I plan on buying a bird bath for them in the next week.

Shelly      5:09 PM Sat 6/15/2013

We live on 2 1/2 acres in NE Edmond - in an area with lots of mature oak trees. About 1/3 of our property is "wild". We just spotted a Kite nesting in one of our large trees in the back yard. So far no agressive behavior!

Vinnie      11:35 AM Tue 6/4/2013

I saw a Mississippi kite yesterday, (June 3) flying over my house in Collinsville. Last year a pair nested across the street.

Cass Buckner      10:15 AM Thu 5/16/2013

I live in NW Oklahoma City. After 2 summers of not seeing any in my neighborhood, I was so happy to see 2 Mississippi Kites flying high yesterday.

Vinnie      3:19 PM Wed 5/15/2013

Ive been waiting for them to return. My favorite bird!

Greg      9:09 PM Tue 5/14/2013

I live in central Kansas about 30 miles south of Salina. After a few days of research I finally found out what these strange birds are. I have lived here for well over 30 years and have never seen one of these birds. We have about 6 of them 2 are large and the others about half the size. Does anyone know, will these birds harm anything around here? We have alot of small birds and a few cats. We live in a small farm town. Will these birds help anything?

Lanette      7:56 PM Tue 5/14/2013

My husband and I heard a bird neither of us have ever heard before 3 days ago and noticed a pair of kites building nests in our trees in the front yard, right above a bird feeder. They are beautiful...as I love birds and do everything in my power to draw them to the yard, I really dont want these birds to kill and eat the birds I am feeding, and I do not want to be attacked by them when they have babies in a couple months. But i love having the opportunity to watch them daily, when the shadow of one soaring comes over my head while in the yard, it is kind of scary, hope I dont have to call someone to remove them. It is an honor. I live in Collinsville, Ok.

Tonya      8:38 AM Fri 3/1/2013

After having two young kites make my ornamental pond's waterfall their personal "cooling" place last year, I have become a huge fan. They eat grasshoppers and other flying insects, but they don't bother my cats, dogs or little koi in the pond. I found out that Kites will kick their babies out of the nest before they can fly, but they always come back and feed them. I would hear them calling and then look out at my little pond and the parents would bring them grasshoppers. Otherwise, they were just cute and quiet and didn't seem to be afraid of humans at all. We cannot wait for them to return and next again this year!

john      7:30 PM Fri 8/3/2012

I live in the moore area and have a colony of about 6-7. they hang out around the park. I've watched them fly over my porch in groups its pretty cool. i just watch though, they seem to be very aggresive.

Jane      12:06 AM Fri 8/3/2012

We live in Edmond off western and 2nd st. I have a big maple tree in my front yard . 3 days ago a very young baby kite jumped from its nest to escape the heat and hopped into our garage. This baby was the sweetest most docile bird I have known. No parents attacked us in fact the momma flew down and fed it I'm guessing a bug once but never returned. We took the baby in, hand fed it, and helped it learn to perch. So cute watching him try to keep his balance. We cared for him for 3 days then took him to the wildlife center in Noble ok. It was an honor to get the experience of holding and feeding and loving on the magnificent bird.

Carrie      8:25 PM Wed 8/1/2012

We found a baby Kite in the leaf trap of our swimming pool this am. It was still alive so we put on gloves and pulled it out. We left the young bird in the shade and hoped the parents would find it. We have lots and lots of these beautiful birds nest in our neighborhood each year. We have been told that they will attempt to nurture fledglings who fall from the nest to the ground until they can fly. That is our hope for this little bird. It has hopped around the yard all day and calls to it's parents. This evening we witnessed a parent bird coming to the ground and briefly being with the little one, perhaps to feed it an insect. Keeping our fingers crossed it survives!

Judy      4:52 PM Mon 7/30/2012

Saturday in South Tulsa (105th & Yale) we saved a Kite bird that had hurt his wing. We took it to the Woodland Vet and they said they will rehab it because the wing was going to be okay and then they would release it back where we found it. They eyes were soooo cool!!!!

Randall      4:07 PM Sat 7/28/2012

Today, we had two kites circling over our neighborhood in South Tulsa. One made tight circles just above the tree line and another circled very high above. This is the first time I have seen these birds. We live on a small stream and it seemed like one was circling tightly over the stream.

Paul      12:21 AM Sat 7/28/2012

On 7-25-12, one attacked me totally unprovoked in my backyard in Texarkana,TX. It had a small fledgling in 1 of it's claws that it had already beheaded that it dropped as it clawed my right shoulder during it's hit an run. Had it not left 3 scratch marks and 2 puncture marks on my shoulder, and being witnessed by my wife, i would not believe such a thing in a hundred years. There are 3 or 4 of them that we have now saw, and they always appear when our dogs are let out back to play. Attacking me is bad enough, but flying in an checking out our 2 puppies and 2 kittens is the declaration of war that I will not deny them.Protected or not, it is not going to end well for these over aggressive winged bastards I assure you.

Paulette      11:23 PM Mon 7/23/2012

We live in Poteau OK, in a fairly close wooded area. I think my husband and I saw a Kite this morning carrying another bird whose wings were quite splayed and making an awful racket. The bird doing the carrying was grey and sleek and seemed to sail right in front of us on it's way into the woods. Once out of sight the bird being carried stopped making any noise.

Deb      8:10 PM Tue 7/17/2012

We live in Edmond, OK and we have a pair of Kites who have a nest and now a young one in a tree right outside our front door. We also can see about a dozen in the evening hunting for insects. We have never had any of them swoop down close to us.

Mitch      9:20 PM Mon 7/16/2012

I live in Cleveland MS. and you can look up at any given time in the summer a count a dozen.....they soar for hours without so much as a flap of the wing....

Ali      12:49 PM Mon 7/16/2012

I was walking on Harris Drive between 33rd and 40th, close to Coltrane, this morning, and one swooped down at me three times. Very scary. I've walked there before, and this is the first time I've been attacked.

Allen      10:13 PM Sun 7/15/2012

I live in Bartlett Tn and i'm not sure but I believe that there a three flying around here. One of them killed a Mocking Bird in my back yard yesterday. I thought it was a hawk but after taking pictures of them today and surfing the web, i think i have it identified. I wish I could attach the photo so someone could verify

chancy L      1:48 PM Wed 7/11/2012

Myself and my wife live in nicoma park on app 3 acres with a small pond and lots of elms with bare branches. most days in june and july we have ten to fifteen flying around. They have been returning and nesting here for about 18 years.None of them have been agressive and are fun to play with using a fake mouse on a fishing pole. some will even pick it up before discovering its not real.

mitchell bell      9:27 PM Tue 6/19/2012

i live in reno texas right out side of azle texas i have two that have just showed up about 3 week ago we have been swooped and they have come very close to us if they have babys they need to have them and move on

michael      8:42 PM Sun 6/17/2012

I found one of these birds in my woods in st benard louisiana with a broken wing with its wing bone sticking out all the vets could do was put him down rest in peace to the beatiful kite I found


John Gray      10:56 PM Thu 6/14/2012

We have awesome Kite's in our area. We live in south central Kansas. There are several to be seen flying in our area, with a pair nesting in an elm tree in our yard. We are enjoying them and watch them every day.

sharon smith      9:39 PM Sun 8/14/2011

I live in Tribune, Ks--we are in the far western part of the state and I saw a pair of these today. I had no idea what they were until I started googling for hawks with red eyes.. They are living in the middle of town and I'm sure they've not been up here before. Interesting that they are ranging this far north and west now. This pair lets me stand under their tree with binoculars, and so far they seem to be fairly calm and patient with me. No display of agression at all. Of course, lots of us are on the look out for them now as this is an interesting and unusual bird to see up here so I will let folks know to keep a bit of distance. Totally gorgeous birds!

alex      8:03 PM Sun 8/7/2011

Thank you for sharing, Laci, I live in Edmond near 150th & Western and was jogging last week in the Brasswood neighborhood and had 2 or 3 of them swooping down and harassing me coming very close to my head. Pretty scary experience. Glad they didn't strike as I wasn't wearing a hat!

laci      2:58 PM Thu 7/14/2011

there is some in edmond oklahoma at least 6 of them off of 33rd and memorial they are very mean. A lady was checking her mail and one w\swooped in on her and gashed her head open they are ver aggresive you cant stand in this ladys yard with out them charging at you


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Oklahoma Birds Listed by Color

House Finch - male (carpodacus mexicanus)
Purple Finch - male (carpodacus purpureus)
Northern Cardinal - male (cardinalis cardinalis)
Painted Bunting - male (passerina ciris)
Summer Tanager - male (piranga rubra)

Baltimore Oriole - male (icterus galbula)
Orchard Oriole - male (icterus spurius)

Yellow Warbler (dendroica petechia )
Baltimore Oriole - female (icterus galbula)
Orchard Oriole - female (icterus spurius)
Summer Tanager - female (piranga rubra)
Yellow Goldfinch - male (carduelis tristis)
Western Kingbird (tyrannus verticalis)
Eastern Meadowlark (sturnella magna)

Malard - male (anas platyrhynchos)
Dark-eyed Junco - female (junco hyemalis)
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (archilochus colubris)
Painted Bunting - female (passerina ciris)
Green Heron (butorides virescens)

Barn Swallow (hirundo rustica)
Belted Kingfisher (ceryle alcyon)
Blue Jay (cyanocitta cristata)
Blue Grosbeak - male (guiraca caerulea)
Eastern Bluebird (sailia sialis)
Indigo Bunting - male (passerina cyanea)
Purple Martin - male (progne subis)

Great Blue Heron (ardea herodias)
Carolina Chickadee (poecile carolinensis)
Eastern Screech-Owl (otus asio)
Red-breasted Nuthatch (sitta canadensis)
Grey Catbird (dumetella carolinensis)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (regulus calendula)
Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher (tyrannus forficatus)
White-breasted Nuthatch (sitta carolinensis)
Tufted Titmouse (baelophus bicolor)
American Robin (turdus migratorius)
Northern Mockingbird (mimus polyglottos)
Mississippi Kite (ictinia mississippiensis)
Dickcissel (spiza americana)

American Crow (corvus brachyrhynchos)
Brown-headed Cowbird - male (molothrus ater)
European Starling (sturnus vulgaris)
Common Grackle (quiscalus quiscula)
Red-winged Blackbird - male (agelaius phoeniceus)
Spotted Towhee (pipilo maculatus)
Turkey Vulture (cathartes aura)

Black & White
American Bald Eagle (haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Black-billed Magpie (pica hudsonia)
Downey Woodpecker (picoides pubescens)
Red-Bellied Woodpecker (melanerpes carolinus)
Purple Martin - female (progne subis)
Eastern Kingbird (tyrannus tyrannus)
Dark-eyed Junco - male (junco hyemalis)
Loggerhead Shrike (lanius ludovicianus)

American Kestrel (falco sparverius)
Blue Grosbeak - female (guiraca caerulea)
Brown-headed Cowbird - female (molothrus ater)
Brown Thrasher (toxostoma rufum)
Common Nighthawk (chordeiles minor)
Carolina Wren (thryothorus ludovicianus)
Cedar Waxwing (bombycilla cedrorum)
Greater Roadrunner (geococcyx californianus)
Killdeer (charadrius vociferus)
Northern Bobwhite (colinus virginianus)
Red-tailed Hawk (buteo jamaicensis)
Cliff Swallow (petrochelidon pyrrhonota)
Horned Lark (eremophila alpestris)
House Finch - female (carpodacus mexicanus)
Northern Flicker (colaptes auratus)
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (coccyzus americanus)
Mourning Dove (zenaida macroura)
Malard - female (anas platyrhynchos)
Purple Finch - female (carpodacus purpureus)
House Sparrow (passer domesticus)
Indigo Bunting - female (passerina cyanea)
Red-winged Blackbird - female (agelaius phoeniceus)
Spotted Sandpiper (actitis macularia)
Upland Sandpiper (bartramia longicauda)
Northern Cardinal - female (cardinalis cardinalis)
Eastern Screech-Owl (otus asio)
Yellow Goldfinch - female (carduelis tristis)
Canada Goose (branta canadensis)

Wild Birds of Northeast OK

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