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The Eastern Bluebird - The Bird of Miracles

article and photos by Kathryn Mann

It is said that the bluebird can bring us both happiness and miracles. The fact that bluebirds can fly beyond the rainbow is what inspires Dorothy dream of the land of Oz.

Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird at Lake Hudson in Washington County, Oklahoma

Over the last 25 years the Eastern Bluebird has become more and more rare as European Starlings and House Sparrows have taken over their traditional nesting grounds. Today one usually has to go out to a rural area to find a bluebird as they are restricted to building their nests in orchards or on the edges of woodlands.

Eastern Bluebird close-up
Eastern Bluebird on the top of Circle Mountain overlooking Bartlesville

The Eastern Bluebird is about 7 inches long. Males are bright blue on their tail and wings. They have a white belly, and a rust colored breast and throat. Females share the same features, but with more dull coloring.

Male Eastern Bluebird
Male Eastern Bluebird in northeast Oklahoma

Eastern Bluebirds are monogamous. The male sings with its wing half open and its tail spread when it courts a female. It also often brings gifts of food as part of this ritual.

Female Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird near entrance to Pathfinder trail in Bartlesville

There is a small orchard near my house where I regularly find a solitary male Eastern Bluebird perched on a fence post or in a nearby tree.

Eastern Bluebird perching
Eastern Bluebird at secluded spot overlooking Lake Copan



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ron      5:58 PM Sun 1/3/2016

my wife and I have a blue bird box by our patio from which we enjoy watching the birds go about their daily routine. this past spring they hatched five little ones. one morning we noticed the birds were acting very odd. I checked the box and to my surprise I found a five foot chicken snakes that had eaten the babies. I realize it was only doing what snakes do but nonetheless I sent it to snake heaven or snake hell. this was a warning to put up some type of guard

Dee      2:39 PM Sat 6/27/2015

We have a blue bird that has been attracted to its reflection in our windows. For five days he comes with sun up. And stays till sun down. Not sure if he sees a mate or what. But he does not seem aggravated. Just keeps flying up near the windows. He is beautiful.

Emily      12:21 PM Wed 10/16/2013

We live north of Des Moines IA and are new to the area. I have been searching to find out what these beautiful blue birds are that live in the grove near our home. They are so beautiful, there must be 50 birds nesting here. We are going to put up some bird feeders in the hopes that some will stay with us through the winter.

susan      11:58 AM Mon 4/1/2013

We just spotted 4 eastern bluebirds outside our kitchen window. Hopefully this is an indication that spring is finally arriving in Orange Co. NY.

Gabbar      4:50 AM Fri 3/29/2013

OH, a blue bird!!! Once in a while they will migrate thurgoh here and stay for a few days, but they aren't here for long. I'm in heaven when they are .they are so pretty. I just love your picture Kerry .I've always loved how and what you shoot!

Gary      10:53 PM Tue 8/7/2012

A farmer one day over a xup of coffee gave us a blue bird house to put on our property in Bridge Creek. Little did I know he had built over 100 bird houses, but the enjoyment my wife and I have had watching baby blue birds come and go thru the years has been pure fun. We have three bird houses now of which we can see two from the porch. What a beautiful blue they are. My wife gets so excited each time she sees blue bird eggs or babies.


Kel      8:14 AM Sun 5/1/2011

Thank you so very much for this web page!

My wife and I, a wonderful 30 years now, this year decided to build a Blue Bird house outside our kitchen window because we have several Blue Birds in and around our home. I took an old tree trunk that I had cut down that had a natural inch and a half hole in it, put a roof on it and set it atop a post. In a matter of two days a pair of Eastern Blue Birds took notice of it and the female furiously built a nest in it. It was a wonder of great enjoyment watching, this seemingly loving pair, go about making a family. He would often bring a tasty insect to her as she worked or set the nest. They produced three young. One fell to the ground and died. I think a sparrow may have killed it. The remaining two grew to full size and disappeared before we ever saw them out of the nest. We hope they flew the nest, but are very uncertain. I would recommend the experience to anyone! It was a great deal of fun and we plan on trying for a second sitting.

Mustang, Oklahoma

Julie      6:03 PM Sun 2/6/2011

I just saw my first Eastern Bluebird today. We had a bluebird house ready to put up so we put it on the fence. I saw about three birds out there this evening. Amazing. Oh, I'm in Tennessee by the way, but I'm from OK. Great pictures!

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