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Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Article and photos by Charly Mann

I have only seen the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron in one place in Oklahoma, in a small shallow pond in the middle of a dense forest outside of Bartlesville. For the past several years I have seen this lone Yellow-crowned Night Heron searching for food around thirty minutes after sunrise at least once or twice a month in August and September.

Yellow Crested Night Heron
Yellow-crowned Night Heron in a small wetland area in the middle of a Bartlesville forest

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron, like other herons, wades into shallow water and stands motionless until it spots its prey, usually a fish or crustacean, and then in the blink of an eye stabs its victim with its long sharp bill. While most herons only hunt during the day, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron also does so at night.

Yellow-Crested Night Heron hunting
Yellow-crowned Night Heron early morning hunting (photo taken August 2010) 

As far as I can determine there is not any yellow on the Yellow-crowned Night Heron's crown nor anywhere else on its body. They have a primarily bluish-gray body, and a black head with white cheeks, crown, and forehead. Their feathers are black on top and grey underneath.

Both sexes look the same, though females are somewhat smaller.

Yellow-Crested Night Heron in Oklahoma
Yellow-crowned Night Heron standing motionless as it watches for its next meal

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron's population has declined over the last century and the species is considered endangered by several conservation groups.

While the Yellow-crowned Night Heron can be found in Oklahoma only during the summer, some live along the Gulf Coast and part of the Atlantic Coast all year. Most however spend their Fall, Winter, and Spring in South America.

Yellow-crested Night Heron in flight
Yellow-crowned Night Heron in flight 

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron is a solitary bird, and rarely seen around other birds. They are monogamous and often live as long as six years.

Yellow-crowned Night Herons usually build their nests in trees.

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Ilayda      5:56 PM Tue 10/13/2015

Hi Mary, I really enjoy your <a href="http://cmldwomvjlx.com">phtoos</a> and writing. I hate to be a nit-picker, but your kingfisher ain't a kingfisher. It's a black-crowned night heron. And you've captured him gloriously.ed

Dasdasd      5:05 PM Mon 10/12/2015

Hello Mary,A note to thank you for your visit to my humble blog and the ootprtunipy to visit and discover your own. This was a wonderful little poem and photo essay. Great imagery and easy flowing rythm to it.Best to you,Paul

Sharon D      8:39 PM Wed 7/22/2015

I have seen one several times in a field beside the dental office where I work in Bartlesville . It is always early morning. The first time I saw it was after the heavy rains this spring. It has taken me awhile to identify it. I just saw it this morning. I have taken several pics of the bird.

Linda      9:49 PM Thu 7/16/2015

Several nests of these birds are living on my street in Norman, OK. They are in my backyard. One pooped on me as it flew over.

Dan      2:11 PM Tue 5/26/2015

Two were in our yard in Brookside area of Tulsa 2015-05-25. Perched on pecan trees and then landed on ground and fed for a short while.

luicina      11:32 AM Wed 5/14/2014

In La Fortune Park at 11 am. Pond at the corner of 51st and Hudson.

george davis      5:20 PM Thu 4/17/2014

there is one living in a park near a shallow creek in enid where i live george davis

george davis      5:20 PM Thu 4/17/2014

there is one living in a park near a shallow creek in enid where i live george davis

george davis      5:20 PM Thu 4/17/2014

there is one living in a park near a shallow creek in enid where i live george davis

ute white      8:52 AM Thu 8/16/2012

We have one in our backyard where a little creek (Crutcho Creek) is, see him every day


Robert Armendariz      2:06 PM Tue 6/5/2012

I also have seen one in the same spot for the past two years on Fort Sill.

Woody      11:54 AM Fri 5/27/2011

Saw one in McClure park in the middle of Tulsa yesterday I got some great pics..

Gina O'Pecko      6:33 PM Thu 5/19/2011

This year there are three night herons in our park! They are interesting to watch.

Gina O'Pecko      3:48 PM Mon 4/18/2011

There are two of these birds in my local park here in OKC. I just spotted one of them today. I haven't seen them since the terrible hail storm in spring 2010. I was afraid they may have perished in the storm so I was excited to see one of the birds today 4/18/2011!

dee fields      7:42 PM Sun 3/27/2011

I have two nests in tall pine trees in my yard north of Houston. There are 8
or so birds flying around my yard, must be looking for a beautiful female to nest with. Do they build nest before or after they mate?

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