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House Finch - A Hollywood Star

Article and pictures by Kathryn Mann 

Until 1940 the beautiful male House Finch was found only in popular pet stores in most of the United States, and was called the Hollywood Finch because of its striking good looks. The only place they could be found in the wild then was the American southwest. Like the Common Sparrow and European Starling they were released in New York City starting in the 1940s, and have since spread to every region of the country.

Male House Finch
Male House Finch enjoying some grass

House Finches are slender and about 5 1/2 inches in length. Males have a red crown, upper breast, and rear. Their wings, back, and tail are brown. Females are primarily grayish-brown which is streaked on their sides and breast.

Female House Finch
Female House Finch in my Mulberry Tree (May 2010)

House Finches eat seeds, grains, and fruit. I often see them feasting on sunflowers and thistle throughout eastern Oklahoma. They are also regular visitors to my mulberry tree when its berries are ripe.

The female House Finch is the primary builder of their nest, though the male often brings much of the grass, weeds, and twigs used for its construction.

Alert house finch looking for seeds and other foods
House Finch surveying his surroundings for seeds and other foods

Even though House Finches are small birds it is not uncommon for them to live ten years.



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Teresa      8:25 PM Thu 6/30/2016

Started seeing many pairs of the House finch since keeping my feeders out into summer. Lots of Cardinals & Blue birds, too. I always have woodpeckers of all sizes as well as Hummingbirds. I love living in Harrah,Ok. Just hate the turnpike coming over us and polluting our little country community. I live so close to where the toll road is being built, I won't be able to hear my birds anymore.

cathy      5:03 PM Tue 3/31/2015

I almost forgot...everyone please plant coneflowers, other nectars, and milkweed for our precious monarchs. Thanks!

cathy      4:55 PM Tue 3/31/2015

Wow. Have lived in the country east of Claremore, Ok for 10 years and a regular birdwatcher but this beautiful March 31, 2015, afternoon saw the first male and female house finches. Mom has been building a nest in a milk jug I made into a birdhouse on east patio. They both are stunning to observe.

Charly Mann      5:44 PM Tue 7/15/2014

They love sunflower seeds. Put some out for them. Females are especially brave and often let people come very close to them.


Bonnie      2:46 PM Tue 7/15/2014

I, too, just figured out what type of bird I have that has made a nest in my Boston fern. I was watering today and a red headed bird flew out. I got my step ladder and peered inside to see 3 very wet little birds. I just knew I had drowned them. When I went back later they were looking much better. Should I put some sunflower seeds in the plant for the parents to eat or just leave them alone?

Fritz      3:47 PM Fri 8/9/2013

Today i learned that my "sparrow" i rescued 3+ years ago...is a finch! Here i thought his head was red from the dog food he eats. Little fella was tossed from his nest because of a game leg and 1/2 wing. Lucky i found him and raised him and he's going through a serious molt right now, so he aint as pretty as he could be, but one fine pet he makes, i cant believe it took me this long to know what he is!!

Tom Patterson      5:15 PM Mon 5/27/2013

I have at least three pair maybe more of thes birds, over the last three years making nests and raising babies in the the four boston ferns that hang from my patio, there have been many times when one family moves out another will move in, so enjoyable

Marietta Knight      3:40 PM Tue 5/14/2013

For the past 2 springs the adorable House Finch has visited my yard in Jenks, Ok. The male is just so beautiful.


christine white      5:57 PM Sat 5/11/2013

Just had my first visit by these adorable house finches at my bird feeders this spring. Very pretty .

Chris      11:51 AM Thu 8/11/2011

Hats off to wohveer wrote this up and posted it.

Sherry      7:49 PM Sat 1/15/2011

I had my first sighting of the House Finch. When I looked on line this is similar to the red headed sparrow I saw. I live in in the northern east corner of Mississippi. I would like more information about this bird. Thank you.

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