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Painted Buntings Sightings

by Charly Mann

While the Painted Bunting can be found throughout Oklahoma and many other southern states, seeing one up close is a rare sight. Painted Buntings, like most other birds, usually make their home in the same area every year, and we have found four of five places of less than 20 acres near Bartlesville where we regularly first hear and then see them. We would love it if you would provide us with the location that you see these beautiful birds. Their population seems to be in decline, and there are several areas where we use to regularly find them that no longer have any of these birds.

This is our first post in Oklahoma Birds and Butterflies in over a year. We are taking more great bird and butterfly photos that ever, and have moved up from a 400mm to a 600mm lens, but just have not found the time to add more articles and pictures.



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Leilah Kyrk      11:33 PM Thu 8/18/2016

I just saw one in Mustang, OK.

Ronnie corcorran      2:19 PM Fri 7/8/2016

Me and my grandmother have seen one of the buntings on the east side of clear creek lake where she lives..she has seen it every year for about two or three years..feel free to contact me.

Robert      6:07 PM Tue 6/21/2016

I have painted buntings ever summer at my bird feeder I live in far east okc ok

Laura Hammontree      11:05 AM Fri 7/10/2015

We have Painted Buntings here at Boiling Springs State Park in Woodward. We don't see them often, but I saw one just a couple of weeks ago.

Matt Sweazey      4:32 PM Sun 7/5/2015

We just seen a male Painted Bunting on our backyard bird feeder. We live on the eastside of Lawton, OK. Just read your article and thought we would let you know. Thanks for the information.

Sherri      9:08 AM Fri 6/26/2015

Saw a male painted bunting in McAlester this morning. It was just outside my window at work.

Levin      8:04 PM Fri 6/19/2015

Just hit one with my truck. Located in southern Oklahoma. Little guy flew right in front of me and stuck in my grille.

Pat Mackey      6:38 AM Thu 5/14/2015

I have a bunting that feeds in my feeder daily. I am located in Ada, OK

Cindy cat      11:47 AM Sun 2/8/2015

We live on a farm between Claremore and Oologah Lake in NE Oklahoma. Our yard is fenced to keep the cows out and the house sits at the top of a bluff. The bluff is lightly wooded and there is a lot of brush. All but one of our bird feeders are hanging from the eaves. The first time I saw one it was at a thistle feeder right at the top of the bluff about 15 years ago. My husband set up the tri-pod to take pictures of it but our cat jumped out from under the deck and caught it! We pounded on the window and yelled at him and he let it go. Didn't see one again until about 5 years ago. We now have a male painted bunting that comes to the thistle feeder nearest the bluff right outside our dining room window, usually for about a month or so starting mid-May. I would love to see a female some day. I managed to get a decent picture of it one day. Is there somewhere to post it?

Sooner      12:13 PM Thu 5/29/2014

My granddaughter and I just observed a painted bunting on my bird feeder. We were shocked and amazed. I live in Edmond, Oklahoma at Boulevard and Timber Ridge Rd on the large pond. So our yard and beyond to the pond are heavily wooded. I have lived in Oklahoma county all my life and have never seen a painted bunting. My granddaughter is glued to the window waiting for it to return so I can take a picture.

Tom Souter      8:29 PM Wed 5/21/2014

There are several Painted Buntings that visit my parent's home just south of Highway 20 and about five miles west of Skiatook, OK. These birds are attracted to the feeder in the mornings and afternoons. They share same with cardinals, bluejays, yellow finches, sparrows and tangiers. Always a beautiful sight.

Marva      2:59 PM Sat 5/17/2014

I neglected to mention that we live 4 1/2 miles east of Beggs - rural.

Marva      2:58 PM Sat 5/17/2014

I believe I saw one of these birds this morning at our feeder! I had never seen one before and had no idea what it was ... got out the binoculars and was surprised at all the colors. It was gone before I could alert my husband to the newcomer and I've not seen it again today (of course, we have been out mowing, etc.). We recently purchased a different brand of bird feed to fill our feeders ... perhaps that had something to do with the newcomer visiting?

Mrs. Lills      10:55 AM Sat 5/10/2014

We have a beautiful male Painted Bunting at our house. We have seen him for two days now. We have been supplying a lot of thistle and black sunflower seeds for the Goldfinches and other songbirds. Right now our feeders are busy, busy! We live on three acres just at the edge of the city limits of Durant. Our property is abundant with large trees, shrubs, and a small creek running around two sides of the property. I feel we have a pretty good set up for attracting these beautiful birds.

Jerry V. Williams      8:12 PM Thu 5/8/2014

Sorry, I thought it would show my email.
Re: Comment at 8:05 PM Thu 5/8/2014
Respectfully, J.V.Williams
( hammernsteel@gmail.com )

Jerry V. Williams      8:05 PM Thu 5/8/2014

I have been driving myself crazy trying to identify these beautiful birds. I have been seeing them for two years at our backyard feeders. When I describe them to others they think I'm crazy. They are so brilliantly colorful, I started to believe they were escapees from a Pet Store etc. I finally was able to snap a few pictures with my cell phone this year as their frequency has greatly increased from last year and is several times a day at this time. I purchased several books of Oklahoma back yard birds etc. and could not find them in any of them. It was just a freak accident that I stumbled on your site. Feel free to contact me anytime. I am retired and around most of the time(Owasso).
GOD Bless,
Captain J.V.Williams Ret.

John Daniel      3:40 PM Mon 4/7/2014

Beautiful pictures!!!

Amber      6:19 AM Sun 3/2/2014

My mother had a painted bunting nest in her crepe myrtle tree at her back door last year. She lives in central southern Oklahoma.

JLS      8:02 PM Fri 10/18/2013

Forgot to mention, was in south-central McAlester, OK.

JLS      8:00 PM Fri 10/18/2013

Had a Painted Bunting at our birdfeeder a wk or so. Around '09. (Same yr we saw an Indigo Bunting in the midst of a flock of sparrows). Feeder was hanging on front porch, five feet from our picture window. Have it on video-tape. Next yr or two saw juveniles in the backyard. But haven't seen any since. Sure wish to...

Angelica Burnett      12:06 PM Tue 6/25/2013

I have seen them in my yard in Fay in Northwestern Oklahoma.

Terry      5:37 PM Thu 6/6/2013

We have been seeing these beautiful birds in Konawa, Oklahoma

Amy      8:34 AM Mon 5/27/2013

I saw one of these birds a week ago and just had to look it up. I've lived in Oklahoma most of my life and have never seen one before. Beautiful bird!
Alex, Oklahoma May 2013

Ron R.      11:53 PM Thu 5/16/2013

Sadly my first sighting of this bird ever was this evening when I was outside at home and discovered one deceased on my pick up. My first guess was this bird must have been someones escaped exotic pet. So I brought it inside in the light to look at it and show it to my wife. We took a few pictures which led me to go on the computer to see what it was. The truck was sitting beneath a cedar tree so he must have died and fell down?

Charlotte McAnally      2:31 PM Sat 5/11/2013

I just saw this bird in my yard. I live in a rural area close to Hugo, Oklahoma. I didn't know this bird even existed until I looked it up on the internet today. What a beautiful site to behold!!!

Carolyn Slater      6:08 PM Wed 5/8/2013

I saw my first Painted Bunting today! It was in my yard in Comanche, Stephens County, OK.

Nyssa Hice      4:41 PM Wed 5/8/2013

Thought i would let you know that a painted bunting was seen at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant today may 8, 2013. I hope there will be more seenhere. They are very beautiful.

nicole      3:23 PM Sun 4/28/2013

Just took a few pictures and some video of a painted bunting at my bird feeder. I have spotted him a few times over the last week but this was the first time I captured a picture of him. Beautiful birds.

Keith Springstead      9:12 PM Fri 4/26/2013

saw my first painted bunting on 04-24-2013 at my finch feeder what a sight, beautiful color hope it stays all summer. Stayed at the feeder for several minutes went to go get the camera and as I went to take pic it flew off. Oh we'll maybe next time. Had one last summer also. Noble Ok.

Jim Baker      8:53 PM Mon 4/22/2013

On rare occasion will see a painted bunting pair in my garden, most often when watering the vegetables. Garden is very close to dense woodland cover. Has been known to perch on the corn stalks to take a cooling shower. Just once had the opportunity to have the male hover in a hand-held shower wand while I was holding it.

3.5 miles SSW of Elmore City, OK.


Maria de fatima Moraes Rodrigues      1:16 PM Tue 4/2/2013

Very, very beuatiful!

Jackie Woodward      7:16 PM Mon 1/21/2013

I was introduced to your site on face book. I live in southern Oklahoma, west of Ardmore, in Lone Grove. I live in a rural area that has much undeveloped land nearby. Painted buntings are common to see in the summer months. They nest near by. They often bring their young into the yard to feed and drink. I keep water out for birds all summer. Road runners seem to be on the increase in this area. Before moving to the area I am in now, I had a road runner that was feeding off birds that came to my feeders. He would get under the edge of the back porch steps and play dead. When a bird came to the feeder he would jump up and snatch it and run off into a nearby wooded area. I had never seen this type of bird behavior before. It was very interesting. He usually made a meal of red birds. I also had painted buntings in this area too. There is a pair of tiny bright yellow birds that I believe to be yellow warblers that stay in the area. I have also seen a pair of black and white striped small birds. I do not know if they are finches or warblers. I find that with the drought we are in now, keeping water out for the birds can attract many different species. They are all beautiful.

Featherduster      8:16 PM Sat 9/1/2012

I have NEVER seen one of these! It's a BEAUTIFUL bird, it's AWESOME!


Mandy      4:20 PM Thu 8/16/2012

I'm from PA and never saw this bird before! Really cool!

Deborah Anderson      7:47 PM Fri 7/27/2012

I had one of these in my back yard this morning. Central Oklahoma City. I feel very privileged.

scott      5:39 PM Wed 6/27/2012

just now saw a painted bunting... wow... im in B A

Colleen Cain      5:40 AM Thu 6/14/2012

I had not ever seen one of these before until yesterday. I live in Beggs, Ok

orville      3:15 PM Tue 6/12/2012

i have a painted bunting visting my birdfeeder ; your article says to let you know where sighted, okc 73150 just east tinker

Patricia      10:20 PM Fri 4/6/2012

I spotted one outside my kitchen window last summer. I live on 10 acres east of Paoli, Oklahoma. Haven't seen it since.

KaTinka      1:31 AM Wed 1/18/2012

I had a male painted bunting in my front yard the last week in July 2011. This is the first time I have sighted a male. It was a beautiful sight. It was in the Hydrangea's under my kitchen window and flew from there briefly to my bird bath for a drink. I live on a wooded acreage in southeast Edmond. I sighted a female last year which I initially thought was someone's parakeet bound for freedom. Do you know why the numbers are declining?

JoRetta Harris      8:13 PM Mon 8/15/2011

We have had a male painted bunting here all summer also several females and at one point there were 2 males. I have not seen the male for 2 or 3 weeks and the females are also not coming to the feeders. We still have a couple of fledglings. I am concerned that something has happened to the adults. It seems that there are only 2 young ones left.

Cassie      9:44 AM Tue 8/2/2011

We live in SW OKC in an area with homes on at least one acre. My mom saw one of these beautiful birds at our house this week.

julia      5:38 PM Sat 7/30/2011

we have sighted one in perkins, oklahoma near the cimmeron river that visits regularly. July 2011

kathy knox      10:10 AM Sun 7/10/2011

We just saw a male painted bunting below our bird feeder this morning. We had never seen a bird like this so immediately came to the computer to identify it. We are thrilled that we had this sighting and hope that he returned with his female. We live on 3 acres in right in Claremore, OK. Although we are very close to Claremore Lake Park which has lots of trees and wooded areas.


Bill A      6:16 PM Fri 6/24/2011

Great pix of the Painted Bunting, Charly. Suspect these are males; any shots of ladies you can include? Didn't see one at the tab under "Green" on the right.

We have two pairs of Rose Breasted Grossbeaks that seem to have settled in for the warm months in our Chicago area yard. See them regularly at our feeder. Not quite as spectacular as the PB but handsome in their own right. All God's creatures ...


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Oklahoma Birds Listed by Color

House Finch - male (carpodacus mexicanus)
Purple Finch - male (carpodacus purpureus)
Northern Cardinal - male (cardinalis cardinalis)
Painted Bunting - male (passerina ciris)
Summer Tanager - male (piranga rubra)

Baltimore Oriole - male (icterus galbula)
Orchard Oriole - male (icterus spurius)

Yellow Warbler (dendroica petechia )
Baltimore Oriole - female (icterus galbula)
Orchard Oriole - female (icterus spurius)
Summer Tanager - female (piranga rubra)
Yellow Goldfinch - male (carduelis tristis)
Western Kingbird (tyrannus verticalis)
Eastern Meadowlark (sturnella magna)

Malard - male (anas platyrhynchos)
Dark-eyed Junco - female (junco hyemalis)
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (archilochus colubris)
Painted Bunting - female (passerina ciris)
Green Heron (butorides virescens)

Barn Swallow (hirundo rustica)
Belted Kingfisher (ceryle alcyon)
Blue Jay (cyanocitta cristata)
Blue Grosbeak - male (guiraca caerulea)
Eastern Bluebird (sailia sialis)
Indigo Bunting - male (passerina cyanea)
Purple Martin - male (progne subis)

Great Blue Heron (ardea herodias)
Carolina Chickadee (poecile carolinensis)
Eastern Screech-Owl (otus asio)
Red-breasted Nuthatch (sitta canadensis)
Grey Catbird (dumetella carolinensis)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (regulus calendula)
Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher (tyrannus forficatus)
White-breasted Nuthatch (sitta carolinensis)
Tufted Titmouse (baelophus bicolor)
American Robin (turdus migratorius)
Northern Mockingbird (mimus polyglottos)
Mississippi Kite (ictinia mississippiensis)
Dickcissel (spiza americana)

American Crow (corvus brachyrhynchos)
Brown-headed Cowbird - male (molothrus ater)
European Starling (sturnus vulgaris)
Common Grackle (quiscalus quiscula)
Red-winged Blackbird - male (agelaius phoeniceus)
Spotted Towhee (pipilo maculatus)
Turkey Vulture (cathartes aura)

Black & White
American Bald Eagle (haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Black-billed Magpie (pica hudsonia)
Downey Woodpecker (picoides pubescens)
Red-Bellied Woodpecker (melanerpes carolinus)
Purple Martin - female (progne subis)
Eastern Kingbird (tyrannus tyrannus)
Dark-eyed Junco - male (junco hyemalis)
Loggerhead Shrike (lanius ludovicianus)

American Kestrel (falco sparverius)
Blue Grosbeak - female (guiraca caerulea)
Brown-headed Cowbird - female (molothrus ater)
Brown Thrasher (toxostoma rufum)
Common Nighthawk (chordeiles minor)
Carolina Wren (thryothorus ludovicianus)
Cedar Waxwing (bombycilla cedrorum)
Greater Roadrunner (geococcyx californianus)
Killdeer (charadrius vociferus)
Northern Bobwhite (colinus virginianus)
Red-tailed Hawk (buteo jamaicensis)
Cliff Swallow (petrochelidon pyrrhonota)
Horned Lark (eremophila alpestris)
House Finch - female (carpodacus mexicanus)
Northern Flicker (colaptes auratus)
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (coccyzus americanus)
Mourning Dove (zenaida macroura)
Malard - female (anas platyrhynchos)
Purple Finch - female (carpodacus purpureus)
House Sparrow (passer domesticus)
Indigo Bunting - female (passerina cyanea)
Red-winged Blackbird - female (agelaius phoeniceus)
Spotted Sandpiper (actitis macularia)
Upland Sandpiper (bartramia longicauda)
Northern Cardinal - female (cardinalis cardinalis)
Eastern Screech-Owl (otus asio)
Yellow Goldfinch - female (carduelis tristis)
Canada Goose (branta canadensis)

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